All-in-Two Nappies

The colorful snaps diapers with double gussets come in a range of solid colours (red, blue, green, etc) and also patterns (cow prints, swirls, etc). They are referred to as All-In-Twos (AI2s) because the insert that lines the diaper comes out. This is an advantage for washing and drying the product. The inserts are easy to insert into the diaper, and they can be snapped into place to ensure they don't move - another key feature unique to this diaper.

The diapers are made from polyester, and the inserts are ultra-absorbent. These are premium reuseable diapers that have every feature you could want: double gussets to prevent leakages, hip snaps to ensure a snug fit on your baby, PUL waterproof outer-body and an inner liner that draws moisture away from the baby, keeping them dry. These diapers also have two open ends for inserting the insert into place with tabs that go over the ends keeping the insert inside.

The solid color diapers have the extra feature of multicolor snaps. The snaps that span the waistband are sets of three different colors, so that rather than counting in the correct size of your baby at a point in time, you can remember it by colors. This can be an advantage when providing instructions for a carer to change your baby.

These nappies are one size fits all. They achieve this through the four columns of triple snaps on the front of the diaper, allowing for four different length diapers, and the ten double columns of snaps along the waistband, allowing for a wide range of widths. These diapers can therefore fit a child from newborn through to toilet training snugly and comfortably. They accommodate a range of different body shapes and half sizes in the various possible combinations that can be made.