Minimi – Minimi

Minimi is the next generation in reusable sanitary products.

Our custom modern cloth nappy is designed to fit from newborn through to school age kids. The larger all in two (AI2) pocket nappy is fully adjustable and with a weight range of 4kg to over 21kg, it is made to fit babies and big kids of all shapes and sizes.

Natural fibre sources are our priority for absorbency, with bamboo cotton day inserts and hemp cotton night inserts, our system is made to meet absorbancy needs without oil-based synthetic products. Soft double gussets give a great fit and help prevent leaks, whilst the stay dry layer keeps skin dry and comfortable. Dual pocket openings and snap fixtures let you put the extra absorbancy where you need it.

Designed in New Zealand with beautiful limited edition prints, our premium high quality nappies are made to take the guesswork out of switching to cloth.