Collapsible Storage Baskets – storage basket

ALVABABY Collapsible Storage basket 14.96x10.24x9.05inch, Storage Bin with Durable Handle, Rectangular Cotton Linen Waterproof Storage Basket 

Our ALVABABY storage baskets are great to use as toy bins, laundry baskets or as nursery hampers.  

Product details:

Dimensions: 38*26*23cm(14.96*10.24*9.05inch)

Weight: 0.77 lb

Materials:58% polyester, 35% cotton, 7% viscose

These collapsible storage baskets are:

1. High quality: Premium quality thicker cotton canvas. 

2. Easy to use: Strong handles make it easy to move everywhere.  It has a wire ring at the top. It is lightweight and portable. 

3. Modern and stylish designs. 

4. Function: You can store a variety of stuff around the house such as toys, books, clothing, puzzle pieces, dolls, diapers, baby blankets, socks, shoes, etc. 

5. Suitable for Any Occasion: Put it in every place in your house, bedroom, balcony, toilet, drawing room, hallway, cloakroom, kitchen.

6. Lightweight and foldable: foldable bin for easy handling and storage, features 2 handles make it easy to transport anywhere. Easy to store it when not in use.