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Big-Size Swim Nappy - ZSWD10

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  • Fits babies from 0-3 years (between 8 - 25kg), 3x3 snaps can be adjusted to suit their size.
  • nappy dimensions: 36.8cm x 17.8cm /li>
  • Trim and attractive design
  • Elastic waist and legs: Interior Polyester Elastics with soft lycra bindings provides a secure, stretchy fit and easy to put on and off.
  • Digital positioning of design emphasizes important part of the print


  • Outer material is made of waterproof 100% Polyester with PUL - designed for holding solids.
  • Inner material is made of Polyester Mesh - easy to clean and provides comfort against baby's sensitive skin.

Tips & Care

  • A snug fit on legs and waist is key to avoid leaks.

Wash Instructions

  • Remove and rinse off solids/residuals, then store in dry pail
  • Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle using cold or warm water.
  • Line dry or Low tumble dry only.