Chuckles Prima 2.0 Nappy Large Size (6.8-23kgs) - Sting-kin' Cute

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Each nappy comes with two luxuriously soft snap-on inserts

Inner lined with athletic moisture wicking jersey- breathable, stay-cool, comfortable, quick to dry and stain resistant


- Bigger pockets for easy stuffing

- EXTERNAL double gussets to contain mess - Tummy panel for leak protection

- 3x4 adjustable rise snaps so grows with your baby

- Personally designed prints exclusive to Chuckles - you won't see these prints elsewhere!

What's Included

1x Prima 2.0 nappy shell

 1x 5-layer bamboo cotton insert (for newborn or daytime only use)

1x 6-layer Cover-all Hourglass bamboo cotton insert (for heavy wetters and overnight use. Also perfect for tummy sleepers)

Sizing (approx. depending on baby's body shape and height)

Large - (6.8 - 23kgs)

What are the differences between our original Prima Nappy and the new Prima 2.0 Nappy?

External double gussets instead of internal gussets 

Slimmer wings for better fit around baby's thighs

Locator snap added  

Which Prima nappy is better suited for my baby?

Suitable for all shapes and sizes, the external gussets in our Prima 2.0 Nappy provides an extra seal and an improved fit especially for babies with slim to moderate thighs. 

Additionally, if using these nappies overnight for a heavy wetter, Prima 2.0 provides external double gussets to allow extra boosting without creating gaps around the legs.

 Can I use Prima Nappy Shell as swim nappies?

Absolutely! Remove the inserts and you can use them as swim nappies.

Outer Shell - PUL waterproof material

Lining - Athletic jersey mesh material

Day Insert - 5 layer; 70% bamboo, 30% cotton 

Hourglass Insert - 6 layer; 70% bamboo, 30% cotton


Made with love ethically in China.