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Foldable Rectangular Peg Hanger 36 pegs - RUST RESISTANT SS304

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Stainless Steel foldable peg hangers with 36 pegs in rectangular shape made with rust-resistant SS304

Who is a fan of Bento Ninja's peg hangers? You think it can't get any better, right? You're wrong! 2 new models of rectangle peg hangers are here. New model frames are a lot larger, foldable for easy storage and made with a higher grade of stainless steel 304. Which means they should not get rusty even if you leave it outdoors occasionally. 36 pegs and still awesome durable thick 4mm rods. Also pegs are a lot larger and thicker size. Same as our TOUGH size pegs = easier to hang thick items.

Perfect solution for winter washing, and small items.

Rain rain go away!

Can't dry washing outside in winter? But washing is piling up?
These new sock hangers are your friend in winter! You can hang so many pairs of socks, undies and lightweight washing with the minimal space with these clever peg hangers. You can hang it up on the curtain rail, door, washing airer, even door handles or on the chair.

Made from sturdy stainless steel. You can use indoor or outdoor. It has a windproof lock, too.

Stainless steel 304

Opened size: 62 x 35cm

Folded size: 37 x 34 x 5cm

Pegs size: 60mm length x 2mm wire thickness (same size as TOUGH pegs)

Maximum weight bear 2kg

These peg hangers can be used outdoors and leave them outdoors occasionally and store under the porch etc, however best to be kept indoors when not in use. Please wipe down occasionally if you live near the oceans or high in sulphur region. Leaving it wet or outdoors permanently may result in rust. Bento Ninja is not responsible for the damage from impact, general use, and rust if you leave it outdoors permanently or live close to the ocean or high sulphur regions etc..