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FUDGEY OVERNIGHTS - Hemp Insert + Booster

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Super absorbent 4 layer hemp with a top layer of microsuede. 30% more material than our standard inserts.

This insert is our most absorbent perfect for heavy wetters to last all night without the bulk of our other inserts and boosters. These are larger and shaped to remove the amount of material between the legs for a more comfortable fit while sleeping.

These inserts gradually get to full absorbency after multiple washes.

Ability to snap the insert and booster together which holds both in place so it doesn't move or bunch, keeping the absorbency where it needs to be.

If you keep snapped together while washing it will halve the time taken to hang or peg to dry as well keeping the pairs together, and also double the room you have on your line or clothes horse!


* Please note Hemp has the tendency to shrink after washing so please give a gentle stretch before hanging if you prefer.


Large Insert dimensions 20x16x38cm

Small Booster dimensions 16x13x34.5cm