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Fudgey Pants FITTEDS

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Fudgey Pants are designed in New Zealand.

Super absorbent and still soft against a baby bum. Our FITTEDS have the same design as our ORIGINALS without the PUL 

We recommend pairing with our PULOVERS or a wool cover, for day or night use, you choose the extra absorbency depending on individual needs.

Design Features

  • Hemp and Bamboo overall with 3 extra layers or hemp in the wetzone
  • Pocket or snap for extra absorbency
  • Use from birth to potty (3kg - 16kg)
  • Double row of snaps 
  • Crossover front snaps allow a better fit for newborns
  • Insert locator snap 
  • Double gusset to help prevent leaks
  • Hip snaps to prevent 'wing droop'
  • Hemp at the front for extra absorbency for tummy sleepers