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Mama Koala Reusable Snap Swim Diaper - GPD29082U

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Size S: 8-20 lbs
Size M: 19-40 lbs

Mama Koala Swim Diapers are made of a waterproof outer layer and an athletic wicking jersey lining. With multiple rows of sides and front snaps, they are super adjustable to fit different shapes and sizes of little kids and stay in place on a squirmy toddler.

This product meets the requirements of most public pools. No additional diapers are required. Mama Koala swim diapers are designed to retain solids, not liquids. When the baby is out of water, a reusable absorbent insert can be placed inside. We do not recommend using any absorbent materials with this product in the water as it may weigh the child down. Also it can be used together with disposable swimming diapers to meet the requirements of public swimming pools.


Wash and dry warm. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

All swim diapers should be pre-washed at least once before use, so the diapers fluff up and achieve optimal softness and cleanliness.


Diaper Outer: 100% Polyester with waterproof TPU layer

Diaper Inner: 100% Polyester