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Positional Print - PD33079Z (Shell Only)

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  • Waterproof TPU Pocket Nappy Shell - no cover needed
  • Super Soft Stay-Dry Lining - wicks away moisture & keeps baby dry
  • Large Back Pocket Opening - super absorbent insert gets hidden inside pocket opening
  • Gentle Leg Elastics - contains solids and & prevent leaks
  • Durable Snap Closures - adjustable snaps provide secure and snug fit
  • Adjustable Rise Snaps - easy customization for the perfect fit using 3x3 rise snaps
  • Each nappy requires an insert which can be purchased separately


  • Adjust the rise setting that fits your baby best.
  • Stuff the insert into the pocket. If in the snap-down position, the fold should go in front for boys and back for girls. For overnight use, you may include additional inserts or doublers for extra absorbency.
  • Wrap both wings to the front and fasten securely, leaving no gaps around your baby's legs.