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MK Microfiber Insert- Foldable One Size 3-Layer Microfibre Insert (1 piece)

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Mama Koala Microfiber Insert is one-size that fits many pocket diapers. The insert is made of 3 layers of super absorbency microfiber. It is lightweight but highly absorbent and ultra-soft. Perfect for daytime or nighttime use.


- Content with 89% polyester, 11% Nylon.

- Superfast at absorbing wetness and just plain super absorbent.

- Can be used in many pockets and overnight diapers.

- Dry fast in the dryer or clothesline.

- They are not the trimmest inserts, will be a bit bulky.



- Wash and dry once in cold or warm water (up to 40°C/104°F) with detergent prior to first use. Hang or tumble dry on low.

- Simply insert into the pocket diaper through the pocket opening.

- Never be placed directly against the baby’s skin. This is because these inserts are so absorbent that when placed directly against the baby, they will actually pull moisture out of the skin causing redness and possibly a rash.

- You can also use them together with a Mama Koala Bamboo Insert for a super trim fit while still providing the ultimate combination of fast and high volume absorbency.